15 Mile Hike to Sunbird Mine!

Happy Hump Day Everyone! 


This past weekend I went on an awesome hike up to the abandoned Sunbird Quicksilver Mine! It was such a cool hike with beautiful views and even a little bit of water believe it or not.  The trail starts from Red Rock and heads up to the Gibraltar dam and then up to the Mine. This awesome trail was 15 miles in length to the top and back.  It was not easy to say the least, we only saw 2 other hikers the entire time.  It was 100 degree weather and we even ran out of water on the way back! Definitely need to be better prepared next time, but definitely worth it!   image2 11958232_10206673919620783_3399635100938165150_o 

This hike reminded me that not very far from all the chaos and stress that life can bring is serenity and beauty.  We live in such a beautiful place and sometimes it is easy to forget that there is peace all around us.  The smell of the fresh air with no cell service made it the perfect Sunday getaway! 

Cardio Workout!!! Live Life Empowered!

Happy Wednesday!

Here is a high intensity cardio workout to inspire you this morning! Today be positive and kind to yourself! Go workout and feel empowered by those around you! You are in control of your environment and how you react to it!. Choose happiness today! 

Morning Run!

Off for a morning run! 5 miles today! Taking advantage of this gorgeous weather. We are so lucky to live in SB.  Try to get outside today and take a walk, jog, or hike!

Tonight we will be taking advantage of this gorgeous sunshine, holding our 5:30pm class at East Beach! At Mac Grant Fitness we always try to use our backyard as much as we can, especially during summer! We offer indoor and outdoor class options to keep it interesting and add some variety into our workout routine.  Come try a class anytime! Next Session Starts August 17th! Summer Has gone by so fast! Have an AWESOME Tuesday! 11760149_10206222367612265_2870532428280239602_n

BALANCE- The Key To Life

Balance is key in everything you do in life, especially when it comes to health and fitness!

Balance is often a hard one for me to wrap my head around, I always go full force and headfirst into everything I do! Often, because of this, I can neglect other aspects of my life. It is important to remember that in life keeping a balance will create a healthy and happy lifestyle. This is something that I can work on as well an many others.

When it comes to health and fitness people are often either fully consumed and obsessed or completely neglecting their health.  There is a happy medium that each of us can work towards implementing into our lives.

If you workout all week, take Sunday off. If you go wine tasting on Friday do a detox on Saturday.  If your a workaholic, find time to do something mindless with your friends or family.  Eat something your craving and then eat clean the rest of the week.  Use your body to it’s full capacity and then remember to let it rest.

If you are a runner, try a hike.  If you are a swimmer, try kayaking.  If you absolutely hate working out trick yourself by doing something fun like paddle boarding.  Push yourself as hard as you can and then take time to relax and let it all go. Find passion in everything you do but do not let a passion become an obsession.

Try to embrace each day with energy and happiness.  You will find that your attitude towards life will get you farther than you think. When you find balance in your life, things become much more interesting because there is always something new and different. Balance is key.  You are the only one in control of the balance you bring to your life.

Happy Tuesday!

Love Yourself Everyday!

TRX- New Studio!Hi everyone! Happy HUMP Day!

Today instead of thinking about the negative things in your life try to focus your attention on the positive.  When you look in the mirror don’t focus on the things that you hate.  Look in the mirror and focus on all the wonderful things that your body allows you to do! Think about all the activities you enjoy and realize that without your body you would not be able to do them.

Praise your body for being the most incredible machine with so many amazing talents.  Don’t criticize what it looks like.  The appearance of the body is only a small aspect of how amazing it truly is.

Utilize your body by being active and feeding it with love and energy.  Get outside and move your body and appreciate all that is does for you on a daily basis.  Be active and choose positivity today!

Keeping it local!

Conscious Kombucha!!! Local at our Santa Barbara Public Market. This is lemon ginger flavor! AMAZING. Kombucha is a fermented mushroom tea that has vast health benefits! Go down and try it out! Happy Friday everyone! Stay fit and healthy today.

Conscious Kombucha