15 Mile Hike to Sunbird Mine!

Happy Hump Day Everyone! 


This past weekend I went on an awesome hike up to the abandoned Sunbird Quicksilver Mine! It was such a cool hike with beautiful views and even a little bit of water believe it or not.  The trail starts from Red Rock and heads up to the Gibraltar dam and then up to the Mine. This awesome trail was 15 miles in length to the top and back.  It was not easy to say the least, we only saw 2 other hikers the entire time.  It was 100 degree weather and we even ran out of water on the way back! Definitely need to be better prepared next time, but definitely worth it!   image2 11958232_10206673919620783_3399635100938165150_o 

This hike reminded me that not very far from all the chaos and stress that life can bring is serenity and beauty.  We live in such a beautiful place and sometimes it is easy to forget that there is peace all around us.  The smell of the fresh air with no cell service made it the perfect Sunday getaway! 

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