BALANCE- The Key To Life

Balance is key in everything you do in life, especially when it comes to health and fitness!

Balance is often a hard one for me to wrap my head around, I always go full force and headfirst into everything I do! Often, because of this, I can neglect other aspects of my life. It is important to remember that in life keeping a balance will create a healthy and happy lifestyle. This is something that I can work on as well an many others.

When it comes to health and fitness people are often either fully consumed and obsessed or completely neglecting their health.  There is a happy medium that each of us can work towards implementing into our lives.

If you workout all week, take Sunday off. If you go wine tasting on Friday do a detox on Saturday.  If your a workaholic, find time to do something mindless with your friends or family.  Eat something your craving and then eat clean the rest of the week.  Use your body to it’s full capacity and then remember to let it rest.

If you are a runner, try a hike.  If you are a swimmer, try kayaking.  If you absolutely hate working out trick yourself by doing something fun like paddle boarding.  Push yourself as hard as you can and then take time to relax and let it all go. Find passion in everything you do but do not let a passion become an obsession.

Try to embrace each day with energy and happiness.  You will find that your attitude towards life will get you farther than you think. When you find balance in your life, things become much more interesting because there is always something new and different. Balance is key.  You are the only one in control of the balance you bring to your life.

Happy Tuesday!

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